UK Enhanced Elite 3E Deployments

ITS/CSN v Elite 3E  standard deployments


Elite's suite of 3E practice management systems represent some of the best software that law firms can invest in.

However, software vendors have goals for your project that are likely to differ from yours. For example, Elite will seek to roll out 3E as fast as possible with a view that you can fix things later once you are live. This may work for some smaller firms, but for medium to large law firms this strategy can be risky both from compliance and a business point of view.

We have a suite of consulting products that are designed to help you overcome these hurdles while substantially de-risking and lowering the cost of your firm's Elite 3E deployment.. Your firm will benefit from enhanced processes in areas such as Billing, New Business Intake and AML from the very first day you go live.

An overview of our custom Elite 3E solutions for our UK clients


reddotNew business intake life-cycle: Customised to suit your firm

In addition to enhancing the standard New Business Intake process within Elite 3E CSN also integrates an AML engine into 3E in order to achieve the following -

• Document verification routines for different types of clients.
• Auto AML approval escalations: if approver is away, or if the client is flagged for 'enhanced risk' processing, then the system automatically escalates to another approver.
• Downstream protections – Because our NBI process is embedded within Elite 3E instead of buying another software product to do this, we can build in down-stream protections that prevent client account receipting while AML is still underway. We allow time capture but prevent billing until receipt of final AML verification status within the system.
• Reminder alerts for clients whose AML compliance is about to expire. Both the Fee Earners and Secretaries working on the client will see 'amber' warning flags in the weeks before any client's AML status are set to expire, thus allowing them to avoid any choke points in billing, while AML documentation is being belatedly gathered.

Vendor payee life-cycle

• Supplier intake process with built-in due diligence for suppliers.
• Restrict capture of POs and vouchers outside of compliance checks.
• GDPR compliance checks can also be built in.

Collections life-cycle

• Our custom bad debt provisioning engine to manage, for example, 'unpaid-unpaids' etc.
• Recover more fees - We implement a 'Gone but not Forgotten' design which sees the fees removed from the Fee Earner statistics while still sending out statements to the client concerned, showing the full outstanding balance.
• Should the client pay an amount that has been provided for, then our custom receipt engine will recognize this for the user, and then allow them to 'auto-reverse' the provision, so that they can carry on to receipt it normally. This also reinstates the affected FE's statistics.
• Our collections engine also feeds into our Unified Write-Off policy engine. (More below).

Receipts life-cycle

• Our bespoke receipting engine tackles the practice in UK law firms where all funds are first received into the firm's client account and then processed into the office account. Our solution saves the need for double entry and removes human error by automatically carrying out the dual receipt entry and subsequent funds transfer entries.
• Should a bad debt provision exist on the item the user will be offered the option to auto reverse the provision so that the receipt can be applied.
• Our receipts engine also feeds into our Unified Write-Off policy engine.

Billing life-cycle

Elite 3E's billing module is probably the most efficient engine available in the legal software market for turning WIP into Receivables. But it is complex to use, and does not provide Secretaries / EAs and Billing Fee Earners with adequate information on what needs to be done at month-end.

• CSN's bespoke billing dashboards allow secretaries to manage their monthly billing workload by using a simplified screen, based upon a 'grid-layout', that allows them to track their billing as they work through their matters.
• Within this grid-layout, matters are split into 'windows' covering the following areas for each secretary to concentrate on as they go through the billing life-cycle –
- Matters to be billed this month
- Matters currently active within the billing process (Draft bill is in the water)
- Group billing matters
- Excluded matters
- Matters with zero activity
• In addition, each matter line within the billing grid not only shows its WIP values for fees and disbursements etc, but it also shows any client account balances and Accounts Receivable values. This allows for enhanced decision-making at time of billing.
• Easy actionable options are also available, for example, on inactive matters; they can elect to launch the 'matter-close' process.
• Our billing dashboards also feed into our Unified Write-Off policy engine.

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