service-deskManaged Service Desk

You offer a Service Desk because you need to offer somewhere for people to request help. It can, though, be a centre of service excellence, vastly improving its and your department's stature and its value to your business. This is, however, just the tip of the iceberg when realising the benefits of what a great Service Desk can do.

As a catalyst for change, helping transform your IT Service Delivery function, saving money and retaining your best talent, our Managed Service Desk offers what IT Services companies cannot come close to.

Key Benefits of our Service:

100% - We deliver 100% coverage across all seats

On-Site - All Analysts will be fully site familiar and the team will locate onsite

Your Team - The team is specifically recruited for you; we don't supply 'whoever is available'. You have veto over who is supplied

24x7 - Our team can provide full 24x7 cover with seamless handover to off-shore/other teams

Shift Left - Reduce the size of expensive technical teams and allow them to focus on
higher-value work

Integration - Our team can augment your existing team or can operate as the full service desk

KPIs - We will performance-manage our team in line with your process

Save 50% Time - Your SDM hands routine people management tasks to us so they can focus on service improvement and other higher value work

Control - You retain ownership of your processes and direction of the team

Service Excellence - our platform enables you to focus on continuous improvement enabling you to achieve 90% first time fix

Talent Retention - We enable the progression of SD staff into your tech teams, reducing your recruitment from external sources to as
little as 20%

Reduce Project Cost - Use our site-familiar resources for internal project teams, saving you much of the cost of external contractors and speeding up delivery

Save £10,000s - Our service can significantly reduce your IT costs

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