Sitting in the IT road-map of many firms in the near future is a PMS implementation. You will, no doubt, be wary of the increasing squeeze on resources and time as Elite Enterprise nears its end. This deadline creates pressure to start planning soon so you can mitigate the risk, avoid costly overruns and secure the resources you will need.

Our partnership with CSN delivers full life cycle design and rapid deployment of Elite3E. We help you avoid all the pitfalls, rationalising your applications and ensuring you implement a fully customised product that is immediately fit for purpose thereby maximising your investment.

We act for you, not the vendor, so our driver is to deliver the solution you need with no external
influence. The end-to-end team is dedicated to
your project, working solely for you throughout.


40% - The cost we can save you compared with a normal deployment

100% - To date all of our major projects have gone live on time and on budget

2X - Our 3E Rapid Deployment models are almost twice as fast as a normal 3E deployment,
see diagram

200% - Typical ROI achieved by our clients from our 'Phase Zero' pre-purchase consulting stage

Reduce Risk - Significantly de-risk your project, avoiding the high cost of failed or delayed go-lives

80,000 - The number of hours experience our team has of Elite3E

10 - Years of end-to-end lifecycle experience our team has on 3E

0% - Staff turnover; and growing rapidly

Accurate Forecast - Super-accurately forecast costs and timescales

Product Design - We define how you want the product to look for you prior to purchase - ensuring you buy only the add-ons you need and can rationalise out other expensive applications

1 - The team is all under one roof giving ensuring full product benefit can be realised

Expertise - We build next-level functionality within 3E: intake, collections, dashboards etc. saving you £1000s

References - We can provide c-level references from all our clients


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